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Hey everyone,

during the past weeks I thought about some stuff, because I heard and read about so many people –especially girls in this case – in the media and according to that also about girls that I know myself, that feel a lot of pressure to be as perfect as possible. I was pretty shocked when I realized how many doubts some of them have about themselves. There have been 2 young Ladies on TV for example, that only mentioned the negative things (how they look and may act on others) and felt pretty insecure about it, fearing, no one would ever call them beautiful or even worse, would harass them. In my opinion they both looked like normal teenagers. This is only one example and it´s not only on television! I think it´s pretty scaring that this phenomenon is getting more and more. This world sometimes is a harsh place. If we don´t function – no matter if in school, at work or often also in private life – we can be sure to get strange glances or comments. And on the other site there´s of course the pressure of the everlasting beauty – thanks to Hollywood – the model world and of course to photo shop in that case!  We all are suggested “If you don´t look the best you can, there will be a lot of stones in your way” or also “boys are only looking for pretty girls – girls are only looking for sexy boys”. One in all: Be perfect to be someone in life and reach a goal.

But what is perfection? That´s the question I´m asking myself! Is it the bleached snow white smile of a Hollywood Star everyone wants to have? Is it the long full hair that often only extensions can do? Or is it the 24/7 smile of Heidi Klum, so no one can see that your world maybe came crashing down because of a difficult situation?

So, if perfection has this definition by measurements and everyone would look that “perfect”, where would the individualism go? If we all act the same, like a program ordered in a catalogue, where would be that something that makes us unique? Let´s imagine all the girls would look like 90-60-90, blue eyes, long blonde hair and all the guys would be equally tall, would have equally muscles and act all the same on girls or hobbies, wouldn´t it remember too machines? Like a serial product without a unique component. Well, at least for me it sounds like this!

What about the little scar above his eyebrow that tells a story and maybe made you interested in him? What about the little dimple around her lips when she smiles that just makes her look cute? What about she maybe has a little more extra above her ideal weight but you love her curves even more or that reminds a girl hugging a teddy bear while cuddling with her boy in bed? What about that he starts to sing or joke in the tram because you had a bad day to make you laugh, not caring that anyone could look weird at him because it´s not common?

Honestly, I think that our imperfections is what makes us unique and being unique makes us perfect. I admit, that I sometimes doubt in myself as well. For example when I look in the mirror after a long day just looking like …. or that I feel insecure starting a new thing, not sure if I can do it. That´s normal! We ALL have doubts like that. It doesn´t mean that you´re weaker than others, don´t let anyone ever tell you that!  All those “perfect” persons you may know aren´t that perfect either. Remember my words of photo shop in the beginning 😉 – and an everlasting smile doesn´t always mean that they´re everlasting happy!

A huge idol of mine just wrote on her Twitter account: “Society can be very harsh at times. Fanily, I don´t want U 2 feel pressured 2 have 2 be perfect. I want you all to enjoy life& have FUN BABY!” (words by Anastacia). I think this woman figured it out after having a lot of hard times herself.  Her message is: Stay true, stay you, be happy and have fun! Because life is too short for anything else!  Don´t you think?



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Hello world!

Hello everyone!

Seems like this wordpress thing here has a new author. I have to confess that I just start here because of an experiment of a radio station (that doesn´t want to be mentioned yet). They thought that wordpress is a bigger becoming medium and looked for writers, so they called me (I´m working for them as a voluntarily base). Well, my first reaction was me?! I don´t know… because I don´t think that I have to say too much important stuff. Okay, every now and then I write articles about introducing new / unknown artists, re-introducing singers that took a time out, album reviews and things like that. So, pretty different from that here. I have to say that I´m not working in this business with an apprenticeship but the point is, I always would have loved to do. As you can imagine, it´s pretty hard to get into this business and so I decided for a common job and gave it all up for a longer time. Anyway, I could never forget about it at all and at some point this wish came back.

Well, to be honest I have to say that this wish is only just a second choice. My big dream is to be a real author someday. This maybe sounds crazy now but some years back I started as – let´s say some kind of self-therapy, to write some stories. First it was Fanfictions to TV shows what I apparently still do. In the beginning I couldn´t believe that I really had readers on this site I publish them – that somebody was interested in what I write, in what my mind is going to tell through these stories. Also I got some lovely comments that I would be talented and that I shouldn´t stop. This really made me smile but somehow I didn´t believe it myself. I mean, look at all those talented authors out there! I still don´t think that I can ever keep up with them but I have to confess that having an own book would be a dream come true. I never wanted to become a singer, because I know that I can´t sing. No Dieter Bohlen (from a German casting show) needed that is telling me this in a rude way. Neither I wanted to become a Model, because I know I don´t like one of those (seeing myself as pretty average). No Heidi Klum needed that is harassing me to tell this. All I ever wanted to become is an author, because I love to read, to soak up stories and dive into another world for little while (along with listening to music)

If I can ever reach this goal to send some people – even if it´s only as much as you can count on a hand – at this journey by reading my book, my goal would be reached. I don´t need to be the next star author. Sure the more readers you reach, the nicer, but if I could only make a few persons smile about your story and would be able to make them believe in their dream – and not to give up on it, than I´d be a happy person! I know the business is hard and when the day has come that my story is finished so I can send it to publishers, there will be a lot of no´s for sure. That´s okay for me, even if it won´t work out at all. At least I tried. Same with writing those articles. I will never be able to live from that but I made my dream come true to write at least and know to have some readers that hopefully like what my stuff. Anyway I hope that someday I can hold something real in my hand, to show myself yes, I´ve done this and I´m proud of that. Do you know what I mean?

What about you? Do you have dreams and goals like this as well? Did you go for them? Or is this blog here for you just a girl chasing a strange fantasy? Would love to hear your opinions!

Love, Dani

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