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Hey Readers,

I currently read a book I got as a christmas gift of a dear friend what was so inspiring, because the topic is about a thing I often think about! There´s not an english version yet, but it would be translated like “The man that wanted to be happy” by Laurent Gounelle. This man is looking for obviously happiness; I think it´s a thing a lot of us do. He´s going to a wise man  during his vacation at Bali and experiences because of him an all new way to see himself, life in general, the decisions he did and why he IS the person he is.

Let me tell you that I –and some others of you for sure – can really relate to a lot of stuff there. Have you maybe ever been in the situation you had to speak in front of a crowd and messed it up?  Maybe at school or at work?! It´s not a nice feeling, huh? Or do you know the situation to not go up to a boy / girl and try to get into a conversation with them, because you think that you would not have a chance anyway? What about the thought that you´re not one of the happy fools in live that have a lot of luck? I guess nearly everyone knows this or similar situations.

Let me give you another scenario that you get the point what I want to say:
Imagine: You walk along a street with nice restaurants. People are sitting outside and keep staring at you, because you wear clothes of a beggar. How do you feel? And how do you walk? I bet not high headed. I think everyone of us would walk fast with down shoulders, wishing to be invisible.
Now imagine the opposite: Let´s say people recognize you on the street because you´re famous and want to get in touch with you? How do you feel and how do you walk? Probably honored? With a smile on your face because people like you? Standing tall beside them for a photo maybe?

The third part about it is: How you act yourself, also affect on others. How do people react if you stand shy in a corner, not really dare to look at them? They maybe think you´re strange and presumably won´t come up to you. And what do you think as a consequence? –They don´t even like me before they come up to talk to me.
However, how would people react in the opposite if you go to them with a smile, saying an open hello? They would probably smile back and return the same way – which means in consequence for you: People are open and nice, which gives you a good feeling.

So what´s the sense of all this philosophic / psychologic stuff I write here? Let´s keep this end short:
The message of this book is “You are what you think” and I think it´s pretty true. If you tell yourself that you are interesting for a boy / girl and go up to him/her like that, you will be  for sure more interesting as if you think “I´m never having a chance anyway!” Same with speaking in front of a crowd. Even if you messed up once, it doesn´t mean it will be every time like that! If you imagine people are interested in what you way (maybe you can imagine you´re a moderator or something), you will speak a lot more open and fluently, what people will rate positive for sure.

It´s all about the way we look at things – beginning with ourselves, because being happy is a decision and you ARE what you think!



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