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Yes, I´m I turned 30 yesterday and speak it out loud! I´m not turning 29 for a second or a third time, even if I liked that number. 😉 Anyway, I´m an honest person, so let me share my point of view with all the positive and negative aspects with you.

But what is the positive site about reaching this new decade, which will bring the first wrinkles and greys? The simple answer to this is: Reaching it! I remember back in my childhood when every birthday was exciting to grow a year older and so it was for my friends. We asked each other when our birthday was and were proud when one of us were the older one. Nowadays it would be pretty crazy to think like that but when did it change? For some people it´s the magic 18 (where you officially reach the status of an adult in Germany). For some it´s even earlier, like with 16, for some later, like with 20. Beyond that age you hardly find someone that want to grow older. In this world that tells us that only youth and beauty is perfection it can be hard to see the other site, that every year is a gift and a personal development.

For some people it would be the only wish to grow older but they don´t have the chance.

If I start to feel split about my fading youth, I remember myself to all those that would love to have that kind of “problem”. The ones that struggle to hopefully have another birthday. Maybe it is a bit easier for me to remind myself due to own bad health issues some years ago. It was a the time when I started to perceive the thought about it like that, so becoming 30 is definitely is a huge gift to me, that I´m very thankful for.

We often take gifts in life for granted until they´re gone.

But there are also other positive aspects about it. Let me name just a few:

I don´t feel the pressure to look perfect all the time anymore, like I did with 16. I don´t care no more if I´m rated by people or what they may think about me if I´m not fully styled in a tram or somewhere else, what it´s, to keep it honest, mostly all about as a Teenager.

I kind of found myself and know better what I want, in the job world for example. I know where I want to go and what I´m worth. I did my orientation and decisions, which is also often kinda pressuring for young people.

I´m not that suggestible by others no more and learned to listen to my own inner voice. Also I figured out that I´m no less worth by being single, which is also a big topic while Teenager years.

So yes, I´m turned 30 and I´m fine with it – along with all pro´s and contra´s! For me it´s all about being grateful for what you have and I´m grateful to reach this new decade and so I´m excited what it might bring. Also actor Jesse Spencer once gave a statement about it that the 30´s are his best decade so far. So let´s hope that it will be the same for me and all of you going into this direction. 😉


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„Help me“ – Two simple words that are able to give us a lot of different emotions at a time.

–Help me- because I´m scared
–Help me- because a situation is so tough that I can´t face it alone
–Help me- because I trust you enough to let you into my world and share my weakness you
–Help me- because I´m strong enough to tell that I´m afraid and I can´t make it alone

This is at least the list of feelings I got when I read these two words yesterday night. To be honest, there was a third word –laugh-, -help me laugh- but in the end it came all down to these two words.

Those words were written by a woman that got diagnosed breast cancer for a second time and more intense this way around. A woman that I only know as strong and a fighter by nature. To hear these words of such a person is touching and scaring at the same time.

Humans seem to be generated to ask the less for help than any possible. Normally we don´t want to bother anyone with our problems or we´re afraid that they think we´re weak or aren´t able to manage things that others do on their own. Sometimes we´re even ashamed to ask for help. Honestly I´m the kind of person that even feels bad to ask my neighbor to get me some items at the grocery store when I caught the flu.

So what kind of feelings do persons need to have if they swallow all their pride (or does it even disappear in these extreme situations?) to ask for help in much more ways than this little sentence tells at the first look. Is it the list I mentioned above? Or a part of it? Honestly I don´t know. I can only guess but what I can say for sure is that there is a lot of strength to ask for help, no matter in which situation you are. Also I know that the ones that hear those words can be honored to have the deep trust of someone else, to be part of their world, not only at times of sunshine.

I instantly hope with all my heart that this strength will guide this special person another time to the road of recovery and health. If one thing is for sure, it´s that no matter what, she won´t face it alone!



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