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-My new single will be defo out end of January-

Announcements like this are nothing spectacular in the music business. A thing we hear on a regular base by various artists. So what´s the reason that I am blogging about something so average? The simple answer is: Because this announcement was made right after the statement „I am cancer free“, and „I had double mastectomy.“

If you followed the media a bit you already figured out that I am talking about singer Anastacia, who just beat breast cancer for the second time in 10 years. So actually this blog isn´t about an upcoming single or album, it´s about the importance of (breast cancer) awareness and how one person can be become a light of hope for 100.000´s of women fighting the same battle right in this moment.

„October is breast cancer awareness month“

Seeing the first interview after her second cancer journey that begun in February this year, you can see how the singer takes a deep breath more than once before answering to the questions about her treatment. Surely it´s not an easy topic for any woman talking about losing both breasts. Nevertheless she comes out (as people know her by nature) with a positive summarizing. Her message is: You maybe lost your breast(s) but you are alive! It´s obvious to see that she recovered well from her treatment and wants to give courage to women that still have to decide which way to choose and those who already did she´s now supporting the charity „bin your bra“.

“Early detection has saved my life twice. I will continue to battle and lend my voice in any way I can.”

This is the one original and most important statement she´s letting the world know. Since her first cancer treatment in 2003, (loosing 40 percent of her breasts already), she created the bcrf (breast cancer research foundation), which helps women in need about donations to pay mammograms and do research work how to prevent. Both times cancer was found while having a routine diagnostic mammogram. Needless to say that she wants to raise her voice for regular awareness to save lives.

About the treatment herself she tells “I´m feeling much better, it has been unbelievable. The ride has been way more intense than I thought but I am so glad to be here. Any journey down that road isn’t easy for any female, but you got to do what you got to do, and I am cancer free for it forever. Breast cancer free at least, so it is all worth the struggle.”

So let´s hope that this honest but also positive message will reach a lot of women out there and help to raise awareness, what is still the best treatment against this illness. Also we hope that it was the last hard struggle for the tough and encouraged singer.


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