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„The journey of a life time is beginning with one step, but when we´re climbing up that mountain, it´s so easy to forget, it´s one step at all” – Anastacia

Hey everyone,

the line above is stuck in my head a lot lately, because I fell back into old habits of being impatient with the circumstances of my life again. Some while ago I told myself not to get back to this unhealthy way of thinking and I did it for quite a while to free myself from it, but… oh well.

I guess you all know what I´m talking about. You set yourself a goal but either if you keep it relaxed or try with everything you can give, there´s no way to reach it. It´s frustrating and yet you start to pressure yourself even more to try harder. Maybe it wasn´t hard enough until now?  The problem about it is, that sometimes you can´t force things. It just needs it´s time. It´s not just in case of love that way, I truly think it ´s in general. But when you´re stuck in the zone, impatient, upset and worried if you will ever reach your goal, you sometimes tend to forget about it. It´s what just happened to me. In the end, it didn´t change anything, beside that I felt even worse about the whole situation.

Suddenly, at some point this line came to my mind and I smiled and shook my head at the same time.  I promised you to take you with me on my journey through the year, that´s why I decided to share those thoughts with you, because I think it´s part of it, too. I may haven´t reached everything that was planned until now but therefore a few other unexpected things happened. Things, that were on the list as well but I let go of for a bit. Do you remember what I posted in my last blog about this project with the wrong timing? Well, some other, totally unexpected thing about it happened. (Sorry, I can´t share it yet), I´m not sure how it will develop but I´m happy that something about it happened at least – when I expected it the least.

So maybe we sometimes need to let go every now and then and just wait it out, because in the end I believe that everything that you need comes to you in the right moment – without stressing and worrying about it.


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