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What is love?

„I am not even sure if I know what love really is.“ It´s a sentence I´ve heard a lot in quiet a few variations lately. Sometimes I´ve heard it after a break up or if people are looking for his/her significant other but the person isn´t in sight. Sometimes it´s even meant in general so that they ask themselves if they love people in a right way or even if they´re able to love at all. Honestly, I think it´s pretty sad because I think deep inside we all know what love it. Maybe you didn´t figure out your true love with your significant other yet but there are so many more ways of love you should not forget about. Let me give you some examples.

If your bestie isn´t doing good and needs someone to talk at a late hour. You´re tired and had a long day, nevertheless you won´t let her down – that´s a kind of love!

If your puppy or kitty sleeps on your lap and your legs start to become numb already but you refuse to move to let it sleep – that is a kind of love!

If it´s time to let go of someone because it´s the for best for them, like your pet maybe when it´s old and time to go onto the other side or because someone isn´t just happy in a relationship no more but you want them to be happy, even without you – that´s a kind of love!

If you´re proud of your sister or brother for something they did, even though you may have argued in the past a lot – that´s a kind of love!

I hope you understand what I want you to recognize with these little examples. Just because you´re unsure about one kind of love, don´t say that don´t know / aren´t sure what love is at all. You DO know! Don´t make yourself feel tinier than you are. Every kind of love will come to you when the time is right and you´re really ready for it but not a single day before.


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