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“Remind Me Of You”

Today is a day with a special mark for me. 5 years ago my Dad passed away by cancer. Don´t worry, this won´t be a too sad blog entry (I hope) but more reflection of a memory that´s still so alive.

Some people say that the memory of loved ones fade in time. Thankfully I can say that it didn´t happen to me yet and I hope that won´t happen too soon or even better, that it won´t ever happen. I still remember the small and little things. I still can hear his voice, can remember conversations, yes also arguments we had because that´s normal. Let´s say I remember all the daily situations as if it wouldn´t be any longer than a few month, so how can it be 5 years? Honestly, if he would show up in the door right now or tomorrow, acting all normal, it would feel that the past years would have been a long, weird dream but not reality. Do you know what? I wouldn´t want it any other way! I somehow can “feel” that he´s doing okay on the other side and in peace. It calms me a lot. I feel blessed that my memory and so this part of him is somehow alive. What I still don´t get is the years that passed already, it seems unreal.

About a week ago one of my favorite artists, Conrad Sewell, released a music video for a song that´s called “Remind Me”, which is exactly about this topic. A young boy, who´s father died (what´s revealed in the end of the video) got guided by his father in his mind in every single step he did. It´s what kept him going while his world broke apart. It literally let me burst into tears right away when I watched it but I think it´s a sign. The storyline idea Conrad had himself and it means more to me than he will probably ever know.

In the end memories of lost ones don´t always hurt, sometimes they make you smile and grateful and keep you going. I am happy to feel those memories so alive even though I question myself how it can be five years already?


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