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“I am the sum of my fears” – A sentence that described myself pretty much since… the day I don´t wanted my fears to rule my life anymore, since the day that the pressure my fears put on me became bigger than the problem itself. A few years back I was suffering from panic attacks about each new or unpleasant situation. I came down with the whole package, a heavy pounding heart, a way to high pulse, sickness, sweating, shivering and the feeling to faint right away. Somehow I always managed to get through without fainting and so my self-esteem grew little by little that I can do it, that I can control it if my will is strong enough. I was sick of avoiding situations or knowing that it would cause another attack. I just wanted to do the things everyone did and rate them normal or with good things, like traveling for example, even enjoy it!

That´s when a new chapter began. Once again my endless thanks goes out to a special person in so many ways. I started traveling because of this person and after the first panic attacks before entering or in trains – guess what? I loved it! First, it still was harder for me than for others but the first step was done. With each time I did, the fear backed off because of the positive experiences. In the end it motivated me to start the same procedure with other things. In the beginning it wasn´t any easier but also here the positive experiences triggered a positive effect and the desire for a more normal life. Don´t get me wrong, there´s still some things that scare me, things that are ”normal” or maybe just a bit unpleasant to others but they don´t give me full panic attacks anymore. In between I even get myself into those situations absolutely conscious about 3-4 times a year because I found out that once you do what you fear, fear usually disappears. I don´t expect to be free of any fears in the future but of most of them. The list is getting shorter and shorter. 🙂 This years I successfully did two self set challenges already, currently doing my third and two more to come!

Know that everyone of you who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks can do it. Remember that your brain evaluate things more dangerous than they really are! The worst case is only happening in your head 99,9 % of the time. So how big chances are that it´s are going to happen for real? Overthinking is the worst thing you can do. I´ve once read a sentence which nails it pretty perfect: “Overthinking is the art of creating problems that weren´t even there.” In the end things mostly turn out different than you thought about it anyway. Also remember that even unpleasant times pass. In the end they can make you stronger if you let them. The fight may ain´t easy but it´s worth it! As long as your desire for a normal life is unbroken you have the power (to learn) to control it. Your will can and certainly will take you there if you challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone step by step. Each positive experience will propel you into the right direction.

Never give in to your fears because everything you desire is on the other side!




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