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Lately  I often read that people want 2016 to end because of the shit it brought by losing a lot of famous people. Yes, it is sad but I think it is a waste to wish away a year that also brought good. Let’s face it, each year has its ups and downs. The year hasn’t been all good to me as well but there were also some amazing moments I wouldn’t want to miss. I guess it’s the same for everyone. You may had struggles as well but there also might have been a lovely trip, a reward at work, a new family member you got to know, etc. Don’t let the good things be overshadowed by the bad. Each year will have its good and bad times. Cherish the good, it’s a way better feeling than cursing the bad.

Also I think that those sad happenings make us realise even more how fast our lives or the life our loved ones can be gone. I don´t mean it in a depressing way. Instead I think it´s a reminder we (sadly) need sometimes, when we rush through the days again in daily business. Sometimes we should take a moment and realise i.e. the beauty of nature around us or skip to clean the car and meet up with a friend or family for a coffee instead. Those moments are worth it so much I for myself with try to remind me more often. Maybe it would be a good new year resolution? 🙂

I hope you all have a good start into 2017. Remember, that it is not a fail if you can´t keep anything you´ve planned for the year. Don´t pressure yourself with that. As long as you made happen a part of it and try to keep going, you´ve already achieved a lot more than people who aren´t trying at all.



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