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To travel is to live

I love to travel! It is not only about visiting new places – well, also about that of course but it means so much more to me. When I travel, I feel free. I feel a freedom and peace within myself that I often thought to have already lost. Don´t get me wrong. I am mostly okay with my daily life, finally. There was a long time when I wasn´t but since I changed perspective on some things, started to overcome fears and learnt to say no at times, I feel more content more often or sometimes even happier. I´m still working on this feeling to grow but it is a step by step process and traveling helps me to simply clear my mind.

Nevertheless, it is not the same kind of content and happiness compared to travelling. I love the freedom, getting to know new places, new people, new life styles. When I travel, I barely stay at hotels. Instead I choose to live at the houses or flats of people who offer a room, so I can see a real part of how they live instead of just the touristic side. I love to talk to them about anything and everything when they offer to chat, like work days over there, job situations, economics, free time activities, places that are hidden treasures for a must see beside the touristic spots which are of course on the list as well. I love to learn about the culture. In a way their lives are so different but similar at the same time. I think both sides gain a lot of knowledge which also prevents from prejudice and helps to be open minded for the unknown.

Also I love the feeling to leave daily business far behind for a few days. Every now and then everyone needs to recharge batteries but as long as you´re home, there´s housework, groceries, cooking and other errands to do. Being freed of that, if only for a little while, also gives so much of freedom. The days seem unbelievably long because there´s just no pressure in time and you can do whatever you want – whenever you want.

Last but not least I love to see all the various places, the sea, a unique castle, or little rebuild New York in Rotterdam in the Netherlands for example.

Someday I hope that I can also host a guest pupil from somewhere in the world. I can´t go to all the places I´d like to go (as long as I don´t win in lottery ;)), so it would be a nice way to get a part of the world into your home that you might can´t afford to visit yourself. I know that there are some people that don´t understand my desire for traveling but that´s okay. My way is for me, not for them.

If you love to travel I can only advice you to do it. Collected experiences and memories are so much more worth than items. In the end you only regret the chances you don´t take, I can tell out of own experience. Do the trip you´d love to do if it´s what you really want, so you can talk about it when you´re 70. Isn´t that nice thought?

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