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„You´re weird“, „You´re not normal“, „You´re not like other girls”. I´ve heard those things a lot of times. It´s not that I wear a conspicuous hair color / cut or clothes. Neither do I have any tattoos or piercings. On the outside I look as average as the people who told me. What they meant is my way to look at things and situations. My favorite singer has a line in one of her songs that says “I see the same like you but differently.” I feel home in this line because I it describes it perfectly. Most people don´t understand and it´s sadly in a humans nature that they rate things they don´t understand abnormal. Without sounding too philosophical – but what exactly is the meaning of being normal? And were does abnormal begin? I think each person is an own individual and allowed to have own dreams, own visions and ideas of their life.

In my case I got rated not normal for that I don´t feel the need to build a family at 34. That I don´t dream about (exaggerated: cooking dinner for Mr. Right), that I don´t dream about settling at all, to name just a few. I am totally happy for everyone who lives this vision with passion but it´s not my way. I love to travel, home for me can be any place I feel calm and happy in that very moment. It can be the sea, an apartment while I travel or even a person. I love to learn languages, love to explore new things. It seems fine for most people until you´re 25 but older? That´s when you have to settle for family. This old cliché is still in the heads of too many people. (Welcome back to when house work is for women and cars only for men).

I am happy with the way I live my life and shouldn´t it all about that in the end? All of us only live once, so why should one live a stereotype just to please others and feel sad or like something is missing the whole time? Where would be the sense in it? Wouldn´t it be much worse if you live a stereotype life only halfhearted for all the people around you? Think about your partner or maybe even kids. Personally I think it wouldn´t be fair to anyone of them.

Also I think that everything in life has a purpose and so there´s a reason why you are the way you are. You may not see it now but someday – like you learn to appreciate the good through bad things even more.

Honestly, when people told me to be weird, not normal, etc. for the first times, it hurt, even though I didn´t show. In between I smile from the heart for being a Freak of Nature. Other people don´t need to understand my journey, they just need to accept. The same goes for everyone out there who is different in their appearance, not matter if on the outside or inside. See yourself as a butterfly in a world full of caterpillars because that is what you are.  Don´t let anyone ever diminish you light or make you feel bad about yourself. It says a lot of them and their narrow way of thinking, in a world that definitely needs to be more open minded.

Love and respect to you all!


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