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Some of you might call me crazy for a thought I currently have. Lately I talked with a friend about Albert Einstein and his theory of relativity. Einstein says that there are multiple alternate universes and worlds, each different from one another and so a version of ourselves that exists in each one. Actually I would love to go on a travel like this, to see different versions of this world and in the end of me. I would love to get to know myself in alternative ways, getting to know the differences and similarities and maybe get to know myself even better through that experience. I think if it would be possible, it would bring people closer to themselves again because in this hectic time we live we sadly often loose more and more track on ourselves. Also it might could help the whole world. Imagine you would see an earth that’s totally destroyed by war or an earth that’s peace- and mindful. In which would you prefer to live? If those time travels were possible, we might would be shocked about some versions of us and this versions earth, some would maybe make us sad, happy or thoughtful but in the end it would make us grateful for what we have or what´s might to come.

Is it only me who loves this thought?

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