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Hey everyone,

sorry for no new post in such a long time. I just didn´t have something interesting to say. However, today I found myself in a situation I was really mad and sad about at the same time. New neighbors moved in a few days ago. They´re from the Philippines and really nice people. I had a little chat with them yesterday and wasn´t able to say something negative. Nevertheless some other neighbors are “worried” about outlandish people here. I am living a suburb like you know it from books or TV shows. Kinda boring but well, it´s another thing. Anyway, I asked what´s wrong about it and their thinking was so damn cliché. The problem for them is what is they hear in the media about outlandish drug dealers, robbers, etc. I was literally shocked. I mean, they haven´t even talked to them!!!

I have to admit that television is a big part of the misery. Look for example movies where the drug bosses are always south American people, where prostitution is always with Asians or the middle east and money washing that always plays in Africa. But it´s not only about ethnic background. Look how Psychiatry’s or mentally ill people are depicted. They´re either dangerous, totally insane or have in the best case a special talent beside their insanity. I worked in a psychiatry for two years and I can assure you that 95 % of what you see in a movie is a lot of crap. That´s just by the way.

Okay, back to what I wanted to say. It´s so sad how a lot of human beings judge people by clichés like ethnic, weight, sexual orientation, religion, clothing style, job status or whatever. I ask myself, where have we gone wrong? I don´t deny that there are people who feed these clichés but every person – every being – is an individual. Before you judge someone, get to know them! A first surface impression can be so wrong.

Maybe the all tattooed person is hiding her scars of self harm under the color, because he / she doesn´t want to be reminded of her past anymore.

Maybe the all quiet person that barely says hello on the street is fighting a struggle you don´t have a clue about. Maybe she was bullied in her past and it´s still hard for her to trust anyone.

Maybe the person you see collecting bottles isn´t too lazy to work. Maybe he / she became ill and lost everything he / she had.

So please, before you judge, take a closer look. Don´t get influenced by media or what might be “wrong” for some people, like same sex marriage. Love is tender – not about gender! As long as people are happy, isn´t that all that counts?

This morning I had an interesting experience myself. When I sat in the bus a woman with her dog came in. He looked right up to me and I smiled at him, so he came right to me. He wasn´t asking about how I look, how old I am, where I come from or whatever. I was friendly to him and he was friendly in return. I think it´s something essential we humans can learn from animals, to see an individual as an individual and nothing else.


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